Claude Brisebois Nominated for the Grand Prix littéraire Archambault

Ten authors are in the running for the 15th Grand Prix littéraire Archambault, including Claude Brisebois for her novel Banquette arrière. 
Antidote pour l'anglais

Antidote Comes to English

Druide announces Antidote 9: Antidote’s first edition for the English language.
Antidote 9

Antidote 9: A Powerful New Antidote

Druide informatique launches Antidote 9—a major landmark for the renowned software. This new edition offers an optional English module with a corrector, dictionaries and language guides boasting the same richness and quality as their French counterparts. 
Le grand dictionnaire terminologique

Le grand dictionnaire terminologique Accessible via Antidote

Antidote 9 comes with a further enhancement to its dictionaries. Word definitions now include smart links to many web-based external resources, in particular to Le grand dictionnaire terminologique, the invaluable terminology resource from the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF). Users...
Typing Pal Online

Major Improvements to Typing Pal Online

Druide informatique has released a significantly improved edition of Typing Pal Online, its web-based typing tutorial application. As well as added compatibility with iPads and Chromebook laptops, this new version brings an array of interface and functionality improvements, including an innovative replay mode.
Typing Pal

Typing Pal Coming Soon on iPad and Chromebook

Druide informatique announces that Typing Pal Online, its web-based typing tutorial application, will soon work on iPads and Chromebook laptops. Starting in July, Typing Pal users will be able to develop their keyboard skills on Apple's iPad or laptops running Chrome OS. Adapting...