June, 2022 Language Matters

Many people make a great effort to speak and write with proper grammar. Unfortunately, this can lead to hypercorrections. Read our article to see if your writing is so correct it’s incorrect.

May, 2022 Word Stories

French haute cuisine is admired around the world, and it’s no secret that words related to good food often come (like haute cuisine) from French. As this month’s Word Stories instalment reminds us, though, many down-to-earth culinary terms are of French origin as well.

April, 2022 Language Matters

Let’s take a look at become and other verbs of change, including go, come, turn and get, which have each evolved to describe this central element of our evolutionary world, and have each cultivated individual particularities on the way. Why can we say that dreams come true and things go wrong, but not that dreams *go true and things *come wrong? Now that you’ve gotten curious, read ahead to become enlightened.

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