Privacy Policy

We shall always respect your right to keep your personal information confidential while browsing our website. We guarantee that no personal details provided via our website will ever be shared with a third party (except those relating to transactions, see point 2 below). Furthermore, all personal information collected by our website is safely stored in locations inaccessible to the public.

1. Subscription and Activation

The personal information provided when you subscribe to the Info-Druide mailing list or when you activate your software is kept confidential. We shall never reveal your identity, nor sell or exchange our list of subscribers or users to anyone outside Druide.

2. Details of Transactions

All of the payment card details you provide during online transactions are sent to a reputable third-party processing agent via the SSL security protocol. None of these details are kept on our servers.

3. Cookies

A cookie is a small file that stores information relating to a website’s visitors. We use cookies primarily in our stores to ensure the security of your transactions. These cookies allow us to verify your identity when making a purchase and prevent the theft of your personal information. They are automatically destroyed when you close your browser. Please note that cookies must be enabled in your browser settings.