Antidote 10 v3: A New Free Update

December 18, 2019 Announcements

Druide announces the release of Antidote 10 v3, a free update for Antidote 10 that boasts a host of improvements, including new words, corrections and integrations. More than 1500 words and expressions such as pegan and upcycle have been added in English. Meanwhile, 5300 words such as animoji and gyroroue have been added in French. All the dictionaries have been updated, with 27,000 new translations added for those who have both the English and French modules. Antidote 10 v3 offers six new integrations, including Adobe 2020, Bear and Ulysses and improved integration with many other software applications, including MS Word, Apple Mail, Google Chrome and Google Docs. See the full list of improvements for Windows, Mac ou Linux .

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