Antidote Replaces WebElixir

October 24, 2023 Press releases

Druide informatique announces the phasing out of its WebElixir service. The web application, launched in 2006, will be replaced by new functionalities in the next edition of Antidote.

At the time, Antidote’s analyzers were adapted to the web to create WebElixir’s quality-assurance service for websites. For almost 18 years now, it has been highly valued for its ability to spot errors in English and French anywhere on a site. Druide has since continued Antidote’s development to add a wealth of new features, including powerful neural analysis engines. Moreover, Druide is currently developing new technology that will enable Antidote to replace and surpass WebElixir’s correction capabilities; most notably, the software will be able to correct errors directly at the source, whether a raw HTML file or a complex database. Antidote 11 v5, released today as a free update, already features a new filter for handling raw HTML.

WebElixir will remain functional until June 30, 2025, and all active subscriptions will be renewed free of charge until this date. This gives current users over a year and a half to prepare for their migration to Antidote. They can look forward to major developments as early as the first half of 2024. No new subscriptions will be offered going forward.

Druide’s customer service team will guide users through the transition and explain all the benefits. “WebElixir was used to correct websites that had already been published,” explains Marie-Ève Ouellette, Customer Service Manager. “I’m looking forward to showing our customers the many advantages of correcting their sites at the source with the powerful new features of Antidote’s next edition. They’ll even be able to save money since they’re practically all Antidote users already.”

Druide informatique has been specializing in artificial intelligence and computational linguistics since 1993. The company produces and markets Antidote, the most comprehensive writing assistance software available for English and French, as well as Typing Pal, the renowned typing tutorial application. In addition to its software, Druide also publishes French-language literature and reference works through its subsidiary, Éditions Druide.

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