Antidote Web Now Available for Organizations

January 15, 2021 Announcements

Organizations wishing to enjoy the best writing assistance software have been well served by Antidote 10, a license that varies in price according to the number of computers on which it is installed. Now, they have a second option: Antidote Web. This cloud edition, which is priced according to the number of users, provides access to the same language tools—corrector, dictionary and guides—directly in a browser. No installation is required, and it works on any computer, tablet, phone or Chromebook that is connected to the Internet.

Last year, Druide Informatique made Antidote Web available free of charge to its customers temporarily deprived of Antidote 10 by lockdown measures. With this exclusive offer coming to an end after almost ten months, Antidote Web will now be available to organizations upon request. As a special introductory offer, organizations can enjoy three months of access free of charge. For schools, the offer is doubled to six months. The Canadian Press and the Université du Québec à Montréal have been among the first organizations to benefit from a subscription to Antidote Web.

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