Éditions Druide Is Founded

September 13, 2011 Press releases

Druide informatique has enthusiastically laid the groundwork for a new company, combining the talents of Luc Roberge and Anne-Marie Villeneuve in Éditions Druide. This new publishing house will offer French-language fiction, general literature, essays and reference works. Normand de Bellefeuille will also join the team as literary editor.

Combining editorial experience with commercial know-how, Éditions Druide is well equipped to fulfill its goals: recruiting authors in large numbers, be they newcomers or established names, and offering them an enjoyable and rigorous publication experience.

In recent decades, Normand de Bellefeuille, Luc Roberge and Anne-Marie Villeneuve have held a number of different positions in the publishing industry, working on a multitude of projects. Meanwhile, Druide informatique has been making its mark for fifteen years thanks to the stunning success of Antidote, its French-language writing assistance software. Druide also published the renowned Grand Druide des synonymes et des antonymes, the biggest reference of its type in the French-speaking world.

Thanks to the diverse skills of its contributors, Éditions Druide is/ prepared for the many challenges the 20th century brings for the book industry, be they editorial, technical or commercial. It is a major new player in the Quebec publishing world.

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