The WebElixir Service Is Launched

March 29, 2006 Press releases

After three years of research, Druide launches WebElixir, a new website quality assurance service inspired by Antidote. Following on from Antidote’s multi-sentence technology, WebElixir goes one step further by analyzing entire websites from their source. Accessible via a browser-based interface, th...

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Druide Wins the OCTAS Award for Technological Innovation

May 30, 2004 Announcements

Druide wins the prestigious 2004 OCTAS award for technological innovation thanks to the novel way in which Antidote harnesses the power of information technology. The OCTAS awards recognize excellence in Quebec’s information technology sector.

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Prism Language Technology Is Deployed

October 29, 2003 Press releases

With the fifth edition of the renowned software application Antidote, Druide informatique has deployed its Prism language technology. Following on from 2001’s multi-sentence innovation, Prism provides a new way of identifying and visualizing particular segments of text, such as names of people or pl...

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Multi-Sentence Technology Is Deployed

October 23, 2001 Press releases

Druide announces the implementation of its Multi-Sentence technology, a major step forward in text analysis and correction. Multi-Sentence allows entire texts to be corrected in a single operation, rather than sentence-by-sentence, with all corrections and their explanations now displayed throughout...

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Antidote Is Marketed in Europe

September 30, 1997 Press releases

Druide announces the launch of Antidote in France. The renowned writing assistance software is now available from the retailer Fnac across its 47 locations in France and Belgium. Thanks to a partnership with a local distributor, the French public now have access to the tool described as “a real mast...

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