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Free Updates for the Entire Antidote Product Line

February 20, 2024 Press releases

Antidote offers improved analysis for English and French correction and expanded dictionaries free of charge on all platforms.

Antidote Launches Generative AI for Sentence Reformulation

December 5, 2023 Press releases

Antidote now features generative AI for rewording sentences and paragraphs, and for fixing discontinuities in language structure.

Free Updates for the Entire Antidote Product Line

October 24, 2023 Press releases

Antidote’s latest update brings improved analyzers and expanded dictionaries to all platforms, free of charge.

Antidote Adds OQLF’s New French Term Recommendations

April 25, 2023 Press releases

With the latest free update of Antidote, 11v4, its corrector and dictionaries will now feature OQLF’s recommended French-language equivalents for emerging terms borrowed from English and other languages.

Free Updates for the Entire Antidote Product Line

April 25, 2023 Press releases

Antidote adds more linguistic content and improved analyzers. The entire product line gets free updates that give users access to new features. 

Yoshua Bengio enters Antidote’s dictionary

December 12, 2022 Press releases

On the occasion of the MAIN (Montréal Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience) conference, held at Université de Montréal, Druide informatique wishes to celebrate Professor Yoshua Bengio’s major contributions to the field of artificial intelligence. Druide is happy to announce that Professor Bengio now has his own definition in Antidote’s dictionary.

Antidote Mobile: Richer and More Practical

November 22, 2022 Press releases

Druide informatique announces the release of an update to Antidote Mobile, including new language features from Antidote 11 v3. The update also introduces a simpler and faster way to access Antidote Mobile content.

New Update for Antidote 11

November 22, 2022 Press releases

Druide informatique announces the release of Antidote 11 v3, a free update to its writing assistance software. This new version enriches both Antidote’s grammatical analysis and its dictionaries. It also debuts new resources to help you get started with Antidote, including short video capsules.

Antidote Web: New Words and New Controls

November 22, 2022 Press releases

Druide informatique announces the immediate deployment of major new features for Antidote Web. This update inherits substantial new language features from Antidote 11 v3, released today, and adds fine-tuned access controls for its resources and content.

Antidote integrated with the digital logbook À petits pas

August 10, 2022 Press releases
Two Québec businesses team up in service of language and childhood education

Québec businesses Druide informatique and Amisgest Technologie are pleased to announce the integration of Antidote Web into À petits pas, a digital logbook application designed to help daycare centers monitor children’s development.

Accessible from any device, À petit pas helps more than...

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