Typing Pal Now Adapted for Families and Individuals

November 6, 2018 Press releases

Druide informatique, celebrating its 25th birthday this year, is launching Typing Pal – Family Edition and Typing Pal – Personal Edition, two new editions of its tried-and-tested method for learning to type faster. Already used by thousands of schools around the world, the online application has now been carefully adapted to suit the needs of families and individuals who want to develop or perfect an accurate typing method.

Accessible via subscription from any computer connected to the internet (Windows, Chromebook, Mac and iPad), the two new versions share the same architecture as Typing Pal – School Edition. They benefit from five years of work which Druide has put into expanding and adding to Typing Pal. Over 200 activities and a range of evaluation tests help users to learn and to measure their progress. By identifying problematic keys, techniques can be improved by completing targeted exercises. It’s also easy to learn and have fun at the same time thanks to two educational games: one exercises dexterity with isolated characters, while the other uses full words.

Up to three user profiles can be created in the Family Edition; for an additional fee, more profiles can be added. Above all, Typing Pal – Family Edition is the first typing software that enables parents to supervise their children’s learning. Detailed statistics make it possible to follow young users’ progress, analyze their performance, and even review their work in video playback. Each user chooses between three environments offering coaches, animations and practice texts adapted to their age group (6–11 years, 12–16 years, 17 and older).

Subscriptions are activated using the code inside the product’s box. The subscription (for a family or a single user, as applicable) is then active for one year. What is more, the box transforms into a special keyboard cover designed to aid practice without looking at the keys. Lastly, the subscription adapts to those wishing to alternate between languages. The learning language can be freely changed between French and English, and all activities are tailored to the unique features of each. Typing Pal – Family Edition retails at the suggested price of $39.95 for a yearly subscription for three people; extra people can be added for a fee of $15 for each person. Typing Pal – Personal Edition retails at the recommended price of $29.95 for one year. More details are available at  typingpal.com

Druide informatique produces and markets Antidote, the most complete writing assistance software suite available for English and French, as well as Typing Pal, the renowned typing tutorial application. The company is also the creator of WebElixir, a quality assurance service for websites. In addition to these applications, Druide publishes French-language literature and reference works through its subsidiary, Éditions Druide.

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