Druide Partners with the Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation for the Release of the Book La porte de garage

April 09, 2021 Press releases

Montreal, March 24, 2021 - We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation for the release of the book La porte de garage. A donation will be made to the Marie-Pierre and Phillip Danault Fund for each copy purchased. Launched in 2019 by player number 24...

Léo Coupal-Lafleur Wins the Grand Prix Antidote de l’éloquence

March 30, 2021 Press releases

Mr. Léo Coupal-Lafleur was awarded the Grand Prix Antidote de l’éloquence at the final of the Délie ta langue ! public speaking competition, which took place at Université de Montréal yesterday. This prize, sponsored by Druide informatique, includes a scholarship of $5,000 to recognize the exce...

The Supreme Court Says No to Québec Amérique

March 25, 2021 Press releases

The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed the most recent motion by Québec Amérique (QA) against Druide informatique. It thus puts and end to a judicial saga lasting close to a decade, and confirms the ruling delivered by three judges of the Quebec Court of Appeal: Druide did not violate QA’s copyri...

Several Youth Books From Druide Selected by CJ, qu’est-ce qu’on lit?

March 17, 2021 Announcements

This week, Communication-Jeunesse (CJ) unveiled its quarterly selection of youth books for Spring 2021. We were pleased to learn that four books published by Druide are part of the most recent CJ, qu’est-ce qu’on lit? selection:

Pétronille inc. Part of the TD Summer Reading Club 2021 Selection

February 18, 2021 Announcements

We are pleased to learn that Bave de crapaud bio, the first volume of the Pétronille inc. series written by Annie Bacon and illustrated by Boum, has made the list of books recommended by the TD Summer Reading Club 2021! As of mid-June, thousands of young readers nationwide will be able to disc...

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