Antidote Web: New Words and New Controls

November 22, 2022 Press releases

Druide informatique announces the immediate deployment of major new features for Antidote Web, the cloud edition of its famous language software. This update inherits substantial new language features from Antidote 11 v3, released today. And Antidote Web goes even further by deploying fine-tuned access controls for its resources and its content.

The corrector is now faster and more accurate, benefitting from numerous refinements to its analyzers. The dictionaries have also undergone extensive work, with more than 5500 new English words added, including micromobility, masago and plogging, as well as thousands of pronunciations, synonyms and combinations. French hasn’t been left behind, with more than 800 new words added, including micromobilité, tobiko and visiocomparution. What’s more, 40,000 new translations are available to users of both languages. Thanks to a new discovery option, users can explore a selection of these recent additions. Finally, every dictionary has been updated and now reflects, for example, the political and royal transitions in the United Kingdom.

New access controls have been added in response to a request from the education sector, which uses Antidote Web extensively. One mechanism can block access to certain functions, for example, allowing a student to take an exam without the help of the corrector while still being able to use the dictionaries and guides. Access can be blocked temporarily for a particular group of students, then restored after the exam. A second mechanism allows some content elements to be hidden, for example, audio pronunciation, translations, or access to external Web resources.

Access controls and group management functions are available in beta mode and will be gradually refined in line with feedback from educational institutions. Another great benefit for these institutions is support for the SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) protocol for secure authentication, also in beta mode.

The Connectix utility has also been updated. It allows access to Antidote Web’s tools from locally installed writing applications such as Microsoft Word or Pages. In the update, it is adapted to new versions of browsers on Windows 10 and 11, macOS Ventura and Ubuntu 22.10. Finally, the LaTeX and Markdown format filters have been improved, particularly with regards to intertext and metadata handling.

Druide informatique produces and markets Antidote, the most comprehensive writing assistance software suite available for English and French, as well as Typing Pal, the renowned typing tutorial application. The company is also the creator of WebElixir, a quality assurance service for websites. In addition to its software, Druide publishes French-language literature and reference works through its subsidiary, Éditions Druide.

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