Antidote Ardoise

Antidote Ardoise Is Launched

Druide launches Antidote Ardoise, an edition of its renowned software suite tailored specifically to the iPad. This edition brings the vast content of Antidote’s full dictionaries and guides to the iPad, whose screen size provides an ideal environment for readers. A new discovery mode allows users...

Anti-Oops! Technology Is Deployed

When sending emails, who among us has never forgotten to add an attachment? Or correct an obvious grammar mistake? The reaction to these mistakes is generally the same: Oops! To counter this, Antidote HD introduces Anti-Oops!, which steps in just before an email is sent, checking first for language...

Druide Wins the OCTAS Award for Success in Business

Druide wins the prestigious 2009 OCTAS award for commercial success thanks to its remarkable and measurable success in marketing Antidote all over the francophone world. The OCTAS awards recognize excellence in Quebec’s information technology sector.

Antidote Mobile

Antidote Mobile Is Launched

Druide launches Antidote Mobile, an edition of its renowned software suite tailored specifically for the reduced size and touchscreen interface of Apple’s iPhone. The application brings together unabridged versions of Antidote’s rich dictionaries and guides, and adds a number of innovative search...

The WebElixir Service Is Launched

After three years of research, Druide launches WebElixir, a new website quality assurance service inspired by Antidote. Following on from Antidote’s multi-sentence technology, WebElixir goes one step further by analyzing entire websites from their source. Accessible via a browser-based interface,...